Green Cleaning Products

According to environmental experts, there are several reasons why homeowners and businesses should use green cleaning products instead of traditional soaps and sprays.

Green Products are Healthier

Traditional cleaning supplies are dangerous because the chemicals can cause asthma if they are applied onto sprayed once a week. Green cleansers do not have any harsh chemicals, so the air is not affected during lengthy cleaning tasks.

Most students miss school because of chronic illnesses. Green products are helpful because they eliminate bacteria in a safe way in contained environments.

Green Cleaners Protect the Environment

When multiple cleansers are sprayed in a home, various chemicals are released into the atmosphere. Because the ingredients are highly toxic, the particles can poison the air and the water supply. By using eco-friendly products, the air and the waterways will remain clean. As a result, the ozone layer will deplete slower. This is possible because green products have no toxins and less volatile organic compounds. After green products are tossed into the trash, less waste ends up at landfills because the supplies are biodegradable.

Green Cleansers are Safe

Traditional cleaning products are dangerous; if the sprays are used improperly, the chemicals can burn your eyes and skin. Green cleaners are non-corrosive and will not cause skin damage or breathing problems.

Eco-Friendly Products Improve Air Quality

Conventional sprays emit a strong odor because they have a number of toxic components. Eco-friendly products are made with essential oils, so they leave a pleasant scent in the air.

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Eco-Friendly Products are Affordable

Green cleansers are made with vinegar, lemons, and other cheap ingredients, so the manufacturing costs are very low. This is why big businesses invest in eco-friendly cleaning products. Green cleansers keep employees healthy in an environmentally friendly way.

Green Cleansers use Less Antibacterial Components

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported that antibacterial soaps and regular soaps provide the same benefits. However, the American Medical Association believes that antibacterial cleansers can prevent bacterial growth. According to medical experts, antibacterial products are risky because they contain an ingredient called Triclosan, which could possibly cause thyroid problems. Green products do not have any antibacterial agents.

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